We're full service. From start to finish.

Urban Landscaping Inc. is a full-service landscaping company that provides everything from design to maintenance. Our services include:

Landscape design

At the onset of each project, we suggest a meeting with our Landscape Designer who will develop a plan to maximize your outdoor living space, incorporate elements that will allow you to get the most enjoyment out of your yard and ensure proper and aesthetically pleasing growth of plant material over the coming years.

Soft landscaping

Urban Landscaping provides a range of soft landscaping products and services including topsoil, sod, trees, shrubs, plant material, edger, mulch, weed control options and more.

Rock work

Beautiful stone work can bring a whole new dimension to your yard, making it truly unique and sophisticated. We work with a variety of natural rock and architectural stone, and have access to a wide selection. Whether it's a simple walkway or a large entertaining patio, our creations are sure to impress.

Water features

Not only do waterscapes significantly increase the value of a property, they also lend greatly to the atmosphere and "feeling" of an outdoor living space. From tranquil bubbling rocks to spectacular waterfalls, we have the creativity, expertise and quality supplies to ensure your water feature is exactly what you want.

Irrigation systems

To help maintain the beauty of your landscaping, we recommend installing a professional irrigation system. This will ensure your lawn and plant materials remain as vibrant, lush and healthy as they can possibly be.

Landscape maintenance

Our professionally trained horticulturist is available on an ongoing basis to help maintain the beauty of your trees, plant material and flowers throughout the spring, summer and fall with pruning, weed control, fertilization and winter prep. Please note that we do not offer lawn maintenance services.

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