We're good. And we can prove it.

There are other landscaping companies out there, but very few that should be trusted with one of the greatest investments you'll ever make — your personal home. Urban Landscaping Inc. has a proven track record developing upscale living spaces with high quality service, materials and workmanship at a very reasonable cost.

Here are just some of our company highlights:

  • We are a preferred landscaper among well-known developers and home builders in the greater Edmonton area
  • We have worked with many high profile customers in the greater Edmonton area, and do so with great discretion and respect for privacy
  • We have landscaped various show homes and lottery houses in exclusive communities such as Riverstone Pointe and Pinnacle Ridge
  • We work with suppliers across Canada and the United States to find unique, high quality products for our customers that can’t be found locally
  • We are highly trained and educated professionals, and have been working in the industry for over 12 years (please beware of fly-by-night companies without formal training or proven experience)
  • We have great relationships with our clients, and are happy to provide references and/or personalized tours of previously-landscaped properties upon request
  • Our work has been publicized in the exclusive Best Homes magazine

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